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2nd Lecture

Educational Technology second lecture was on 14th January 2011 at Dewan Budiman. It was also the day that we realize we need to complete a lot of assignments from this course.

I was attracted to the video making assignment. The lecturer showed us a sample of a video and I think it was good; and just enough for students like us. The video didn’t involve any special effects in graphic, most of it was technique in recording and editing. Also, the video didn’t involve any audio or voice sync. This will make video editing much easier and faster. However, my group’s biggest problem right now is, what are we going to show in the video? Therefore, I hope my group will have a discussion on this assignment.

In the lecture, we were shown a YouTube clip about blogs. I think the way they made the video was very creative. By using papers and drawings, they moved the papers in front of the camera to create animations. With the voice of a comentator at the back, the video was fun to watch! I remember one advertisement from Maxis was also using the same method with the video clip. Maybe my group can incorporate this idea into our assignment 🙂

The 2nd lecture ended quite late. In the end, I need to run and rush to my next class in a hurry.

So, this is the video that I find simple and interesting.

1st Lecture

Educational Technology first lecture was on 7th January 2011 at Dewan Budiman. There were quite a big number of students in the lecture hall. We had some difficulties in setting our tutorial slot when the lecturer showed us the available slots. Apparently, most of our lectures clash with the tutorial time suggested. Lastly, we went back without knowing when our tutorial is. It was quite sad, another week has gone, just like that.